it is a new era of development & growth

A unique and creative perspective to exceed & 

support your goals in business and life

it is a new era of development & growth

A unique and creative perspective to exceed & 

support your goals in business and life


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 Heather Binder leading the way continues to challenge the industry norms while embracing technology and the advancements we provide for our commercial clients. With a wide array of advanced tools like Costar, Loopnet, MLS, Prophy, and Block Chain coupled with Tru’s our own network of wholesale buyers.
Heather has been in the business for over twenty-one years and enjoys building the types of relationships that attract investors and clients who have confidence that they are doing business with someone who will steward their investments to unparalleled success while maintaining the ethics that forge a long-term, trusting relationship. Heather keeps high standards for how she operates and expects nothing less of her group she manages.
Heather's turn towards a commercial focus really took full shape over the last few years as her partnership with Tru REALTY and relationship with founder Sarah Kirsch Richardson developed in the Tru COMMERCIAL we know today.
Heather’s first commercial transaction was in the early 2000s. Her diligence and ability broke barriers. Heather served as a Designated Broker for a small niche firm and was tabbed as the Managing Broker of DPR COMMERCIAL where she managed over eleven hundred agents in four offices across the Valley and taught Continuing Education classes for four years. 

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 Lenna’s professional background is as vast and diverse as her personality. Her many professional hats have included Materials Estimator, Project Manager, Sales Executive, Interior Designer, Properties Manager and Director of Operations. Her 20+ years of experience working in commercial construction and development with her family’s business has given Lenna a unique perspective extremely valuable to the business owner clients she serves. 

Born and raised in NM, Lenna learned the value of hard work and the importance of serving others at an early age. Much of her childhood was spent volunteering and participating in community service projects along side her father who held a NM State Senate Seat for over 10+yrs. 

Her connection with Arizona began when she attended ASU where she received her degree in both Marketing and Advertising. Early in her career Lenna gained valuable tools through the school of “hard knocks” when she opted to leave a successful career in sales with KOAT-TV (ABC affiliate) and start her own Direct-TV marketing business. After 24 short months she found herself closing the business doors and licking the wounds. “That was a painful learning curve that delivered big blessings. I got ahead of myself and let my ego get in the way. Not only is the devil in the details but if you loose sight of your purpose then your clients/customers will lose sight of you.” 

Today Lenna is owner/partner in two multimillion dollar government lease building portfolios throughout the northwest and southwest regions of the United States. She brings years of experience and knowledge from both sides of the table. Working in tandem with her strong group of talented professionals at Tru COMMERCIAL Lenna brings great pride and enthusiasm to all she does. “I enjoy the work, I enjoy learning, and I consider myself privileged to work with and for my clients”. 

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 A Commercial real estate professional, Tiffany Dorbin is known for integrity, transparency and sincerity in all her dealings. Tiffany strives to be someone in whom her clientele and colleagues can put their trust and faith. A former structural designer of 8 years, Tiffany uses her unique insights to advocate and provide creative solutions for her clients. When working with clients and customers, Tiffany is assertive and effective. Born in Singapore and raise in Hong Kong, Tiffany offers an international market view and brings them locally to Arizona where she has lived for over 15 years. Above all, Tiffany values relationships over transactions, and much of her business comes from repeat clients or referrals. Whether it’s a starter business, investment, or franchise, Tiffany provides the same level of unmatched service for all of her clients at any stage of their commercial real estate path. 



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