HEATHER BINDER director broker


Tru COMMERCIAL headed by DIRECTOR l BROKER Heather Binder Tru COMMERCIAL continues to challenge the industry norms while embracing technology and the advancements we provide for our commercial clients. With a wide array of advanced tools like Costar, Loopnet, MLS, Prophy, and Block Chain coupled with Tru’s our own network of wholesale buyers.  
Heather has been in the business for over twenty-one years and enjoys building the types of relationships that attract investors and clients who have confidence that they are doing business with someone who will steward their investments to unparalleled success while maintaining the ethics that forge a long-term, trusting relationship. Heather keeps high standards for how she operates and expects nothing less of her group she manages.  
Heather's turn towards a commercial focus really took full shape over the last few years as her partnership with Tru REALTY and relationship with founder Sarah Kirsch Richardson developed in the Tru COMMERCIAL we know today.
Heather’s first commercial transaction was in the early 2000s. Her diligence and ability broke barriers. Heather served as a Designated Broker for a small niche firm and was tabbed as the Managing Broker of DPR COMMERCIAL where she managed over eleven hundred agents in four offices across the Valley and taught Continuing Education classes for four years.